Friday, March 29, 2013

inspired by anavictorino's sea princess make-up

"The make-up inspiration"
"This is my version"

I hope I did some justice on Anavictorino's version of it. Hahaha! It was easy to do and it was also fun. I only use a tinted moisturizer on my model because she already has beautiful skin that I still want her natural glow to peek through the make-up. There's not much to enhance on my model's face because it is obvious, siya na ang maganda! haha! Well, pinsan ko lang naman siya! Asa lahi yan! Ahaha! LOL! (Walang basagan ng trip!)

Kidding aside, I really enjoyed this make-up! Here's the list of products I used on her:

Myra-E Vitaglow tinted moisturizer in ivory
San san concealer in beige
Maybelline loose powder in medium
Afterglow blush shade
 Maybelline Mineral power finishing veil in dark for contour

Glameyes brow kit
Maybelline masterdrama in coal commander
88 eyeshadow palette
GOSH effect powder in blue whale
GOSH effect powder in white diamond
NYC white eyeliner
BYS eyeshadow #5 black steel
Maybelline Falsies mascara

Love my lips in Frosted frosty peach
Maybelline fuity jelly

Model: Eloisa Triunfo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bridal Make- up

I have been trying to post this video for ages. Finally! I was able to upload! Romantic look using affordable products. Please don't forget to follow my blogs for updates.


Maybelline Pure Make-up (medium beige)
Maybelline loose powder foundation (medium)
Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing veil (dark) for contour
After glow Blush from my palette
Gemstones Scintillation Eyeshadow as highlight

Glam eyes eyebrow powder
Elf Eyelid Primer
88 eyeshadow palette (unbranded)
NYC eyeliner pencil (white)
GOSH Effect powder (White diamond)
Maybelline Falsies Mascara (very black)
HBC False eyelashes

Wet n Wild creme lipliner (663A)
Sophie lipstick (SLPK02)
Maybelline fruity jelly (Passion Fruit)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Classic red lips and glitters

This is my take on a sassy, classic red lips! 

Products used
L'oreal bare mineral foundation in buff beige
San San brow pencil shade no. 2
88 eyeshadow palette (unbranded)
Wet n wild mega sparkle in lilac
Maybelline masterdrama eyeliner in gray color
Miss Beauty precision liquid eye liner in black
Maybelline pressed powder in dark fro contour
Maybelline blush in peachie sweety
Linette lipliner in Fuschia
Maybelline Great wear lipstick in cherry

Thank you.. :)

"kawaii make-up version"

Oh my! My second blog! Whenever I meet new people, they would often ask me if I have Chinese blood. Honestly, I don't know! My mom and dad have chinita eyes and my lola looks Chinese. Anyway, that has nothing to do about this blog I'm making. Hehe! Let's start! ("Drive by" by Train playing while I was writing.)

Always start with a clean, fresh face!

I then applied bb cream. I used Hyalon BB cream.
I also used this to conceal my under-eyes.
Define your brows. I used glameyes brow kit.
I then brushed my brows with elf treat and tame in medium for a softer looking brows.
Apply a pinkish to white eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes, on your lids and on your brow bone.
Apply a matte brown shade eyeshadow on the crease for dimension.
I then applied a matte red eyeshadow just between the crease and the lids. (huh?!) ahaha!
Diamonds are girl's bestfriend!  Not entirely true but I used GOSH  effect powder in white diamond. If you have white glitters, I would prefer that. OHH! I also applied a glittery white eyeliner on my lower lash line. (Make sure to extend the white eyeliner a little lower, to make your eyes look bigger.)
Line your eyes. I prefer a liquid eyeliner or a gel
eyeliner but I don't have any so I just used a black
eyeshadow. I wet my brush for better application.
It's time to apply those flirty looking lashes! This lash is from HBC. It's like P20.00 pesos per pair. I just pulled my lashes a little lower to make my eyes look rounder. (I guess?!) 
 Luckily, I found this small piece
of lash. I then glued this on my lower lashes.
Add more flare! I decided to add this lash.
I only added the upper portion.
Apply a pinkish blush with a hint of shimmer in it. I used Maybelline blush  in Peachie Sweetie.

Apply your favorite pink lipstick!
And viola!

Done! I forgot to mention, I wore a Geo
contact lens here. Color brown obviously,
which is 16mm in diameter.
Kawaii pose! By the way, I was curious what kawaii means, so I googled a little bit and found out that it means "cute"! (Haha!) Courtesy of wikipedia.

I was imitating Tyra Banks' pose in this photo. :)


Beauty isn't worth thinking about; what's important is your mind. You don't want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head. - Garrison Keillor