Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy DIY for broken make-up

Hi ladies! I decided to finally share a trick I have been using for the past months. Accidents sometimes happen. It's painful when your make-up gets broken. Sayang naman ang pera if itatapon lang diba? What if kaya namang buoin? Yap! You read it right! Let's fix your make-up!

I have a couple of compacts that slipped my hands and fell. Yes! It got broken! It's messy to use na dahil durog na. So I experimented! I'll show you how I did it. 

Here are the things we need:

1. Rubbing alcohol (Honestly, I can't remember why it has to be alcohol. Peace!)

2. Empty containers

3. Tissue

4. Your broken make-up or a loose powder perhaps

5. Stick or toothpick (Something to mix your make-up)

I decided to use loose powder and make it a compact powder. Begin by transferring the powder in the empty pan.

Then mix with a little bit of alcohol (We're using this to bind the powder together).
Then smooth out the mixture on the pan. (I used my finger to flatten the mixture. Just make sure than your finger is clean.)

Then use the tissue to absorb the excess alcohol and to press the mixture into the pan.
Let it air-dry and your finished. Let me show you the other make-up that I fixed.

 Step 1:
 Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Very easy diba?

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped someone for sharing this. :) God bless you!

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