Saturday, July 6, 2013

Haul blog (Divisoria items + cheap stuff from local market)

I recently went to Divisoria with my cousin and heck my eyes were overwhelmed! I kept on telling myself, "Just buy what you need. Just buy what you need." Haha! If I had bought more than my budgeted money, I would have spent it all! Pero at the end, I ended up borrowing money from my cousin because of the pair of shoes I saw. Haha?

Let's start with aspiring make-up artist  basic needs. (In my opinion) :

I got these pins from 168 mall for Php50.00 

I got these on a store near Tutuban mall. They sell wholesale stuff there. I got it for Php40.00. Let me show you a picture where I use this bump it.

Hair clip -I got it from a store located near the parking area.  Php75.00 

This is what you use to make a rolled bun without using pins. It didn't work for me though! I have layered, straight hair. But I got this for Php44.00 in Broadway Gems, SM Marilao.

Lashes!!! I freaked out when I saw this in Divisoria! Haha! And when I asked the seller how much it is, I was in total shock. I've seen this in Trinoma and it cost Php250.00 something, online it is Php300.00 something. Guess what??! It's only Php60.00 or Php70.00 (Whahaha!) Cool!

The famous beauty blender dupe! I got really excited when I saw this in 168! Because I was looking for a cheaper version of this for a long time now. I almost missed this item ng biglang nahagip ng mata ko yung sponge na to. Haha! Guess what???! It's only Php 60.00

ACCESSORIES!! :) I started liking accessories when I started working in GMA Events Management Dept. Because all my ladies there are wearing multiple bracelets, cute necklaces, and big rings. It looks so chic and sophisticated.I'm still learning how to mix and match stuff though. (Epic Failure!)

You can get this 4 for Php100.00. I only got 2 because my cousin has the other half of the deal. haha!

Got this bracelet for Php30.00 but you can get it 4 for Php100.00 in 168 mall.

Oh yeah! I'm really loving the spiked bracelet! Got these 3 for Php100.00

Here's a picture where I was wearing the bracelet and watch.

I love this watch! I got this for Php100.00 with free extra battery outside the malls of Divisoria.

G-shock watch replica(It was given to me by a special someone. Hahah!)


I got this for Php250.00 inside Tutuban Mall.

This is a gift from my mom! World Balance shoes. I'm size 6! I love this shoes because it's so comfortable to wear!

Cute wedge! I bought this inside Tutuban Mall. They were on sale so I grabbed the oppurtunity! This was the last item I bought from Divisoria that I had to borrow money from my cousin kasi naubos ko na yung budget kong pera. I got this for only Php250.00!!! 

Here, I was wearing my wedge shoes.

I got my leggings for Php100.00  each in Bocaue market.


  1. It's so cute!
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  2. Hahaha! I once tried borrowing money sa kasama ko :D
    Cute wedges, kung sanang taga metro manila lang ako lol.

    By the way, you can still join the giveaway even without those account, basta you should sign in on persunmall and like their fb page :)

    Thanks girl!

    1. really? Oh cge I'll give it a try. I hope I win.Thanks girl! You're very accomodating.

  3. I love the shoes !!:)
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  4. I love your wedge! I do agree that it's difficult to keep from shopping when I visit Divisoria, that is probably why I don't go there much. Hahaha. There are a lot of lovely items sold there at very affordable prices. But if I don't stop yourself, I can still end up spending a lot of money. Lol.

    1. Correct! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I'll check out yours!

  5. Where did you get the sponges? what floor! anyways love your blog!

  6. san po sa divi nyo na bili yung falsies? san po banda thanks :)