Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wild Peach Cosmetics Palette(Dupe for Z-palette)

I was looking for a Z-Palette when my eye caught "wild peach palette" (dupe for z-palettes). I immediately clicked the link! I was not gonna let that pass. I ordered through e-mail and received my invoice the next day with all the payment options included.  After payment, you have to send them a copy of your receipt. I just took a picture of my receipt and send it through e-mail.

Do you know how much z-palettes are here in the Philippines? Last time I checked, it was 1,000+ Pesos! Yung kagaya lang din ng binili ko from Wild Peach cosmetics. Guess what? Magkano lang ang Wild Peach Palette?? It's just 280.00 Pesos! Amazeballs!

Here's a copy of my invoice. I paid 90 pesos for shipping kasi provincial ung shiping address ko but if you're in Manila it would be cheaper.

1-2 days shipping and viola! Here's my order!
It comes with a magnet sticker which is good! It's nice and sosyal-looking! I love my animal print palette. I wish I bought a bigger one but this works for me anyway! :) I love my "Wild Peach palette"!


From this

to this.

This palette is definitely a space saver! I love it!

Would you like to know how to depot your eyeshadows?

Gusto mo rin ng ganito?
You can check them here: Wild Peach Cosmetics

(Photo courtesy of Wild peach facebook page)

Hope this helpful. Meron ka din bang palette from Wild Peach Cosmetics? I would love to know.

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