Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Our kitchen" food experience

Food is my number one weakness, oh no, let me correct that. "Good" food is my number one weakness. It's a window to my heart. It's a "door" rather.  LOL! We recently went to this new restaurant in Balagtas, Bulacan which is "Our Kitchen". 

I was really excited to taste their food. Tipong, pagkakita mo pa lang sa ambiance nila, sasabihin mo sa sarili mo, "Ay mahal dito." 

I took some pictures of their interior design.

This is my mom.

That's my dad.

The place is a little small but the interior is so good. Let's look at their menu.

Not bad er? The prices seemed okay for me. So we ordered our food. 

First order that arrived. This is cafe latte I think. I am so sorry i can't remember how much this was because it was on the other menu. *wink*

Then came my order, lengua in white sauce. (Php140.00) It doesn't look appealing but it's my favorite viant. It came with a big square-shaped rice. :) 

Taste: it was a little bit salty and after a few bite naumay ako. Will I reorder this? Probably not. 

Then came my brother's order, chicken fillet. (Php120.00) it doesn't look appealing too. I mean, presentation wise. He also ordered extra rice, typical of him. 

Then my mom's order was served, beef tenderloin. (Php150.00) Oh boy it look good! Of course I tasted this! Oh yeah, it's so good except that it's a little bit tough to chew. Hindi pa masyado malambot. The carrot and the potato were a little salty for my taste.

We already finished eating when my dad's order arrived. He was a little mad already because it's taking so long. Anyway, it was worth the wait because this taste heavenly. This is beef pares, the meat was so tender and ooohhhh ang sarap! I don't know how much this was because it wasn't on the menu.(weird) I will definitely order this when we go back!

Of course I had to order a dessert. This is oreo cheesecake. (Php110.00 ata) yum! Yum! Yum! 

Service wasn't the best but the food is promising! I love it overall. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

All time favorites

 Hi! This will be my first favorites blog. I have a lot of cosmetics but not too much. I don't really hoard on make-up. I buy what I need and some of my make-up came from my paninda. I used to sell cosmetics in the office but now, minsan na lang. Mahirap din kasi magtinda ng make-up lately. Anyway, enough for that boring story.

Here are some of the many few make-up I have been loving. I don't really wear a full make-up on a regular basis. But whenever I did, here's what I usually reach out for:

1.Revlon colorstay whipped foundation (natural ochre) - Php487.50

Click here for the review of foundation and essence powder.

2.Essence fix & matte translucent loose powder -Php259.00

3. Flat top brush from Landmark, Trinoma -Php149.75

4. Orange/peach matte blush - Less than Php50.00
I purchased this from a local store here in Bulacan which is in Star Mall Plaza located in Meycauayan, Bulacan. As you can see I am already hitting pan. I really love this blush because I have such an oily skin, I like using matte colors to reduce the shine from my face.

5. Bronzy blush- Php60.00
I purchased this from Tutuban Mall, Divisoria. I fell in love with the color and bought it right away. I know some of you maybe skeptical using products from China na nabibili sa tiangge but I have been using it for a while now and hindi naman ako nagka-allergic reaction.

Swatches for the blush:

Lipstick Swatches:

1. Personi matte lipstick (matte coral) - less than Php100.00
-I got this from Ebay

2. Maybelline revitalizing matte color (matte raisin) - price unknown
-I was wearing this lipstick in this video.

3. Maybelline great wear lip (berry)
I got this lipstick from my panida but you can get this from ebay. This is one of my favorite matte lipsticks.

4. Ever Bilena matte lipstick (off beat pink) - Php150/160.00
-I often grab this lipstik in my tutorials but if you have dry lips like me you have to moisturize your lips. 

5. Rimmel lasting finish kiss & stay lipgloss (crystal rose)
-I got this from my paninda as well but you can purchase this from ebay. I don't often use the gloss that comes wih it because I like my lips matte. Yes it is transfer resistant but when you eat or if you drink the inner part rubs off. But I still love this. 

6. Zalan lipstick(rage)
- I got this from my paninda. You can get it from ebay though for leas than 100 pesos I think. 
-This is very moisturizing to the lips but I dust powder on top to mattify this color. I really like my lips matte kasi. 

I applied powder on top of the lipstick to mattify mah lips. 

7. Jordana lipstick (barely pink)
- Another moisturizing lipstick 
- This is from my paninda but you can buy this in ebay

9. Ever bilena lip & cheek tint -less than Php150.00
-If I want a natural looking red lips I use this. This contains a lot of product in a very affordable price.



These are my top lipliners simply because I love them on my lips. :) I especially like the Monaco lipliner kasi ang lakas maka-Niki Manaj. (Alam mo yan "Jheng". Haha! Special mention)

Special mention din sa styli-style lipliner, it claims na 12 hr ang staying power. I haven't worn it that long pero eto yung lipliner na masasabi kong long-wearing talaga. Kasi naherapan din akong burahin yan from my arm.

This is Maybelline Masterdrama by eyestudio (coal commander). I just love this eyeliner of Maybelline. SOBRA! This was very easy to u, it glides on so smoothly. If I could find another liner like this on ebay, I would buy it. Sorry, i don't have a swatch for this kasi ubos na eh. (Can't remember how much I got this.)


Lastly, my favorite fragrance mist! This is Bath & Body Fragrance Mist (Sweet pea). I love the sweet scent that it has. It is so refreshing na parang lagi kang bagong ligo. I purchased this sa Malolos, Bulacan. Sa may Puregold na malapit na sa BSU (if taga dun ka, hello!) Meron maliit na stall there that sells affordable, authentic fragrances. I got this for hmmmm.... I can't remember but I think it was Php 350.00.

Do you have questions? Fire away! I'm happy to answer your queries.