Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another haul (September to October purchase)

Hi! I have been busy with work lately that I am not as an addict as I was before with blogs. I would just love to share my recent purchase with everyone. Without any further ado, let's begin!

I was really excited to buy this product because whenever I would ask someone what they used on their brows, they would often mention this item. I like it but I'm not in love with it. If asked if I will repurchase? Probably not. I don't know why but it's hard to make a thin line using this product. I'm not sure if it is the brush i'm using or what. I sometimes like applying brow powder wet because I feel that it looks better that way. But because this is waterproof, I can't achieve that look. 
 Php299.75 in SM.


These were actually given to me. Thank you po sa nagbigay. Ayaw niya ipaalam kung sino siya eh.

I bought this from Revlon because I thought the first shade I bought was a little too dark for me.
Php287.50 (50%off)

Because my Maybelline Falsies mascara had dried up, I had to look for another one. I was actually disappointed with this mascara. I never actually did test this sa mall kasi they don't have testers in SM Marilao but because this was the only mascara from Essence that is waterproof I opt for it. Frustrating because it clumps. I got it for Php209.00

One end is the brush and the other is the tiny product you get from this pencil.
My friend has this automatic brow pencil from Faceshop but it was a little pricier than the ones sold in Etude so I got this brow pencil from Etude instead. This retails for Php128.00. The only problem is, there is no lighter shades available kasi ambilis mag-out of stock. Shade brown gray(01) ata to. 

Finally, nakabili din ako ng bunmaker. Yey! Nabili ko 'to sa Divisoria for only Php50.00. Tagal ko 'tong hinanap dun, ang mahal kasi neto sa mall. 

You may have heard of "ThePrimpPad" online store. My friends and I purchased from her and these are my purchases:

(Elf treat and tame in light)

Naubos na yung brow mascara ko so nagrepurchase ako pero this is shade "light". Yung previous ko kasi is in Medium. Nagtataka ako actually kasi this is too liquidy and hindi kumakapit yung color sa brows ko. As in, parang wala lang. I'm not sure why. Ok naman kasi yung previous ko which in shade "medium". I was really disappointed. Retails for Pho168.00.

(Wet n wild lippies)

I got this for Php148.00. Not bad for a long last lipstick. This is Php299.00 in malls so mura talaga sa kanya. Ambilis lang din dumating ng package namin. Nagbayad ako morning and the next day nadeliver na. Oh yes!

I also got myself sugarplum fairy, pinkerbell and think pink(Not in this photo). Among my 4 wet n wild lipsticks sugarplum fairy really stood out. :) 
I was wearing sugarplum fairy in this photo. I like dark colored lipsticks because I think it makes me look mature. 

Swatches of wet n wild lippies. 

My lips have been very dry lately that's why I decided to try out the Carmex soothing lip balm which Ate Trina recommended. She said that it retails for Php500.00 in malls. Kaya laking gulat ko that primppad sells it for Php75.00. Buti na lang sinama ko sa order ko. It feels like petroleum jelly when applied but gives your lips that menthol feel. I am loving it so far. 

I got a pair of red pants! Forever21 over run which I bought for Php400.00 in Divisoria.


I was actually gonna buy a fake Sanuk in Divisoria. Problem is, walang size 5! So hindi ako nakabili dun. Sakto naman nagsale ang megamall. Nung pumunta kami dun I visited Sanuk store and muntik na naman ako hindi makabili kasi wala na namang size 5. Nagbakasali ako na meron pang size 5 neto, ayun sakto last pair na ata ng size 5. Promo nila nun Php50.00 for 50% off. Which means you have donate Php50.00 to get selected shoes for 50% off. So all in all I paid Php1,295.00 (Php1,245.00+Php50.00). 

Ayun, so much for shopping!! Shipid shipid muna. Hahaha.. 

Thanks for reading!! :)