Monday, September 22, 2014

My unpleasant experience in Banahaw Heals Spa (Bocaue, Bulacan Branch)

My family and I were supposed to go to Silvara's spa as it is our favorite massage parlor. But then the price is a little bit overwhelming especially that my brother and I just recently resigned from our companies to work abroad. When we were driving on the way to the karenderia behind Mcdonalds, we saw this ad from the building "100 pesos hilot on off peak hours". We decided to give it a try since we are on a tight budget. When we approached the information desk we were asked if we are members already. We were then told that the 100 peso rate is for members only. A little bit disappointed as their sign did not state that clearly. 250 pesos is the rate for non-members. My mom wanted my brother and I to try the massage first. Then my papa came up and had us all listed for the massage. We were advised to avail the family membership which cost 500.00 pesos (good for 10 people) than to pay the regular price in order to save money. Upon computation, we would save about 100 pesos on that day plus whenever we wanted to come, we will only pay 100.00 pesos which in reality makes sense. The problem is, they need to edit their signboard and state clearly that the 100.00 pesos rate is for members only. 

All matters settled, we then proceeded to the massage process. Our slippers were removed and were replaced with indoor slippers. Our feet were soaked in hot water and were wiped dry. My brother and I were escorted in a couple room divided by a see-through curtain. (Non-sense curtains). We were asked to remove our clothings and wear the shorts provided on the massage table. I asked my brother to turn around while we change clothes as I can see him clearly through the curtain. We were asked to lay down afterwards.

This is it, the long awaited massage. The first strokes were firm and relaxing then the strokes became hurried, hard and without rhythm. I was awake the whole process. There was a moment where she lifted the towel covered on my legs and returned it back as if there was something she forgot to do before proceeding to the legs. There was also a moment when I felt there was a massage stroke done on my left arm but was not done on my right arm. The massage really felt like the lady was in a hurry to finish. She also grabbed my fingers very hard and had pulled it so strong that my head tilted on the side where she grabbed a finger. (Ang sakit!) 

The finale, the face massage! (Sa wakas, matatapos na!) The face massage was half okay half not okay. I hate the part where she alternately stroked the in between of my brows upto the middle of my forehead hurriedly. It was not relaxing at all! I was relieved when she said, "Tapos na po." She then asked if whether I want water or tea. I said tea and she left. Since it was my first time there, I hurriedly put on my clothes and went outside to the waiting area. After a few minutes, she handed a wet towel and the tea. My brother went out next and we waited for our parents.

When we got outside, I asked my parents whether their massage was hurried like mine. To my surprise, the masseuse did all good except for mine. :( Well, I'll give it a second chance and will definitely voice my concern the next time. 

Below is the pricelist and their offers:


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Haul blog (December purchase)

I hate to admit it but I am a little bit hoarding on make-up. This maybe a little late for December but I am blogging about it anyway. Let's start.

Sale sale sale! Sale everywhere tuwing December at magpapasko. So, I thought I should grab the opportunity. 
San San cosmetics:

My bill: Php480.00
(Don't tell mom!)

Sale sila, I was supposed to buy a hair dye but then these caught my eyes. I was not able to test these products that time and just got what I thought would be useful. I had a couple gigs last December and I said to myself, why not invest in tools I would be able to utilize in my future make-up gigs. 

Here comes hoarding! Haha

San San single eyeshadows:
price: Php 35.00 

I was surprised when I swatched these eyeshadows because it weren't pigmented at all! Winner na rin kasi I got these for 35.00 pesos each tapos size wise, mas malaki pa 'to kesa sa 10.00 peso coin.

San San blushes:
Price: Php80.00

These blushes like the single eyeshadow I bought are not pigmented too! It also smell funny. I mean, it smells like old stock! If I had to turn back time I would have looked for swatches of these in hbc before buying. 

Age defying blush on shade 02
Php 75.00

I gave this to my cousin pero nakagamit na ko before neto and I liked it.

Sansan eyeliner:
Price: Php 45.00

I got black and brown of their kohl liners. I gave the brown shade to my mom though. I am not really in love with these liners because it is a little bit tough to apply. Color pigmentation is nice but I won't repurchase these. Kasi diba our eyes are sometimes sensitive, tapos pag ginamit ko to I have to use a heavy hand para maapply ko 'to. And again, with the smell, amoy kahoy.

Sansan gel liner in brown
Price: Php 90.00

Eto lang ata yung nabili ko na hindi ako nanghihinayang. I love this product and also it comes with a brush hidden somewhere on the handle. I also like using this on my brows because it would stay there all day!

Sophie magic pink
Php 85.00

My current favorite! I had a client, pinagwash ko siya ng mukha para fresh bago ko siya lagyan ng make up. And nakita ko pa rin yung blush niya. I asked kung anu yung ginamet niya kasi long last siya. Then she mentioned this item. Ever since, eto na yung ginagamit ko pagpumapasok ako. Wala ng touch ups, asa cheeks ko lang 'to and it won't budge. 

Fanny Serrano 2way cake foundation (silk) refill
Php 299.00

This is a little bit pricey pero worth it naman. I am loving it so far. I am actually planning to purchase another shade which is organza kasi medyo light sa 'kin to.

James Cooper Jazzy Collection brow gel 
Php 299.00 

This has been on my everyday make-up routine. This has helped me soften up strong looking brows by making it appear lighter than the usual. They have 3 shades and lately laging out of stock! It must be that good para maout of stock. In fact, nung pangatlong balik ko sa mall tska pa lang ako nakabili!

Landmark purchases

I recently got into nail polishes and nail decals because of Ate Beth (My colleague who makes nail art). I could not commit to expensive nail polishes as I am only starting with it. I got a couple of shades from OMG, bought from Landmark, Trinoma. 

Klik nail polish - Php16.00
OMG nail polish - Php 19.75
Cuticle sanitizer - Php 14.75

I also got 2 make-up brushes. Ang mura ng make-up brushes sa Landmark. I la-la-love this brush which cost me Php49.00 only! 

Angled blush brush for only Php84.75.

Glamworks nose pore strips - this is approximately Php 100.00. I am not going to purchase this again. Ang hirap iapply sa nose, tapos parang wala naman nakukuha.

I have a very, very oily skin. This helps a lot to remove it. I think Php 120.00 ata bili ko.

Becaue I dye my hair, I am also in hunt for a good hair treatment. I have read about Lorys hair treatment so I got one. 
Price: Php 149.75? Ata.

Landmark, also sells a couple of false eyelashes. 
Price: Php 44.50

If you don't know yet, I do sell cosmetics. So from my paninda, I took this mascara because I need one. This is waterproof and does a very good job in volumizing my lashes. What I don't like is that despite it's claim of being waterproof, it still transfers to my lower lashline at the end of the day. If you want to check if what yung tintinda ko, please click the link below.

That is it pansit! Composing my blog for January haul!! Yeeeebaaa!!