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Leaving Philippines to work abroad

I have been wanting to work abroad for the longest time. Things that have happened in the past made me leave the country the soonest. It was hard to leave my friends and family including our dog, Chachi.

She looks sad without me.

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I have recently entered a new relationship, and it was especially hard for both of us. Who wants a long distance relationship, right? He knew I was leaving but what to do? I can't help it if I am irresistible. (LOL!)

But I was ready to leave no matter what. 
Thankfully I was with my cousins that day. We hurriedly entered the airport to avoid drama with our families. It was painful! But I know it will be worth it. 

While waiting for departure. Lalaine (girl with the longest hair), Princess (the girl on the middle) and of course me (girl on yellow green).
So it was my first time to ride an airplane. I get dizzy easily but it was not bad as I thought it would be.
Here's the food we got from PAL

Okay, I know some of you would like to know how much it cost. Well, we paid 30,000 PHP to cover everything. That amount covered our visa and ticket. I apologize I don't know how much were our visa and ticket exactly. My pocket money was 17,000+ pesos. We had our peso money converted to US dollars and have it changed to dirhams when we arrived in Dubai. If I am not mistaken we had 1,400 aed when converted.

Pieces of advise: 
1. Bring all your clothes, bags and shoes. I realized this late na. On my mind I thought I will buy na my stuff here. I sold most of my things back home to generate my pocket money. Tapos pagdating dito naisip ko hindi pala ako makakabili agad ng gamit ko dahil ang unang sahod ko ipapangbayad ng utang namin. Pero kung hindi ka naman nangutang eh di dito ka na lang bumili. Pero I tell you not everything here is cheap. There are times na may sale pero as for me hindi pa ako makabili dahil ang pera ko ay nakalaan sa pamasahe. So paulit ulit akong damit.

2. Have your TOR and diploma authenticated by UAE CONSULATE. Magpared ribbon muna kayo tapos pa-authenticate niyo sa UAE CONSULATE. Kami pinadala lang namin sa DHL. Sila na ang nagpapadala dun sa DUBAI CONSULATE CHORVA(hindi ko alam tawag). Medyo pricey yun. Nagbayad ata ako ng 1,700PHP. 7-10 working days ata yun. Important yun kasi yung big companies dito hinahanap yun.

3. Print out 20 pcs of passport size picture. Companies will ask for 8pcs na passport size picture kapag naprocess na yung visa niyo. Nagpaprint ako dito 30dirhams for 12pcs na picture. Wow! Grabe yun. Magkanu lang ang print sa atin.

4. If you have a laptop sa Pinas. Bring it with you because here you have to apply online especially the big companies. Pede rin magwalk-in to pass your resumes. They will call you once shortlisted. Don't be shy to ask how much yung offer before going for the interview so you don't waste your time. Some won't say how much it is though but better ask. 

*** Our pocket money weren't sufficient that we had to borrow money from our cousin. We had extended our visa which cost 900 aed. Kuya Joey (my cousin's husband) fetched us whenever we have interviews. We stayed in their place and they have provided our food for the rest of our stay. I can never imagine going here alone.

We went to pass resumes on nearby buildings.
So nothing is ever easy in life. We struggled to find a job that offers good compensation. Some companies would ask for UAE experience. People were telling me to grab whatever comes first and endure whatever job that is. But in my mind, I don't want to enter a job which I won't enjoy doing. I can't just quit here. I can be banned from this country.

Days passed by very quickly. My other cousins, Princess  and Lalaine has landed a job. There's only 1 week left before my visa expires. My cousins were asking me for news. I turned down a job which was offered by a prestigious company because the job location is in Abu Dhabi. I was losing hope.

Few days before I totally lose hope, the job I have been waiting for finally called and asked me to come in the office to discuss the job offer. ^_^ A heavy weight was lifted from my shoulder. I called my cousins right away and almost screamed. I was relieved!

Next up! Exit to Kish Island in IRAN! That is right! To be continued.........

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