Saturday, May 2, 2015

APRIL Glambox Middle East

Not so happy with my previous box, I anxiously wait for my next box.

I was having such a bad day when my beauty box arrived! :) Bad vibes suddenly disappeared. This may sound like an excuse to buy make up but whenever I have a tough day, I look up Instagram to find something I can purchase.

Maybe I like this next box. Again, love how they packaged the box. MY PROBLEM WITH THIS BOX IS THAT, IT DID NOT COME WITH A WELCOME LETTER WITH THE PRODUCT DETAILS. So was I supposed to google every product I received? I was a bit surprise that the product list card was missing from my box.

Anyhow, closer look to the products below:

Givenchy Dahlia Divin 5ml Eau de parfum
I was so excited to receive a sample size perfume! This made me smile all day! I love the scent and it stays all day! So much love for this perfume! Don't know how much it cost though.

Hawaiian tropic silk hydration spf 30
 Hurray for spf 30! Much love for this product as well. I am walking from the metro to our office and the sun shows so much love on my skin. He just wants to shine! This is not sticky at all. Love! Love!

VLCC Witch Hazel and Rose Water gentle face wash for dry & sensitive skin
 Again, I have oily skin! Don't care much for this product.

Face shop Mango seed lip care
I am giving love to this lip balm. Just wished it has spf. But it does well moisturizing my "DRY" lips.

ESL Soothing Cleanser & Refiner
 When I first saw this, I thought okay it's full size. The thing is, I don't know what it does. I am also not very familiar with the brand. I will let you know when I get interested with it.

Lancaster Sun sport dry touch gel
 Okay, another one of those products which I have no idea what it does. (I just really wish I received the product list.) Maybe it is for the face.

Kaya Skin Clinic gift voucher

Back of voucher
 Okay. Maybe I will give this voucher a try. Please comment below if you have used this voucher. Let me know your experience. voucher

Luxury Closet voucher

back of Luxury closet voucher

Thanks for the voucher but I don't think I'll need it. I don't want to spend $500 worth of garments just to get the $50 discount.

That's it! So far so good. I am hoping the next box is better than this! Hope to receive cosmetics please! Enough of the face creams.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.


  1. Woah! Givenchy! I would love to receive Givenchy any day. :) I think I have a pseudo-love for Givenchy (pseudo because I haven't really tried anything of them yet). That is because my fave character Blair Waldorf uses and mentions Givenchy a lot. :D

    You got a pretty good box. :) Just search for the item descriptions and pray next time they send you a letter with the box. Did the last box have a letter? Maybe it's just a discrepancy this time.

    Dawn | Keep Calm & Beautify

    1. Hi Dawn! Yes the last box has a welcome letter with the product list.

      Thanks for dropping by.