Saturday, May 2, 2015

March Glambox Middle East (1st subscription)

Don't you love the feeling of opening a box of surprise? I do! I love surprises! (My boyfriend knows that very well.) That feeling of excitement of receiving a gift box fills my heart! The itching feeling of wanting to know what's inside your beauty box.

Until I saw this from GLAMBOX UAE! I was so tempted!

I just could not resist it and finally subscribed for 3 months. Subscription is 80AED/month hence the total amount is 239 AED. But because I have 30% discount, I only paid 167.30AED.  Hurray for discounts! Not only do I get a discount but I also get an extra box. So I should be getting 4 boxes from Glambox. It's as if I paid 41.8 AED per box.

I even emailed just to be sure that I will be getting 4 boxes and they have confirmed. :)


*Enchanteur moisturizing cream - Romantic
*Dove conditioning facial cleanser
*Photoderm Max spf 100cream
*Diamant de Beaute Nuit Sample
*Symmetry gym gift card value of 1,500aed
*Buy 1 get 1 main free @sohogrill
*Voucher code for nutridiet 35% off

Items description. I love how they indicated the price and product description.
 Closer look :

Enchanteur moisturizing cream - Romantic

Dove conditioning facial cleanser
Photoderm Max spf 100cream


Diamant de Beaute Nuit Sample
Symmetry gym gift card value of 1,500aed

Buy 1 get 1 main free @sohogrill
Back side of the voucher
Voucher code for nutridiet 35% off

Alright, let us be honest here. I was so excited to open this box as it is my first beauty box ever. The first thing I saw was how beautiful the box is. I said to myself I can use the box as make up storage. It is very well made. I like how they packaged it. 

Now, the stuff inside? Errr.. I thought, okay? That's it? I mean, why do I have stuff for normal to dry skin? I thought I had indicated I have oily skin. I don't think I have any favorite from the items I received. I appreciate the soho grill buy 1 take 1 'cause I love eating. Maybe I like the photoderm which has 100 spf. It's just so tiny. I haven't tried the sample sizes of skin care creams yet. I am a little skeptical with the thought of replacing my skin care every now and then because the products are so tiny.

I am not so happy with my first box. I hope the next one gets better. 

Did you get a beauty box from Glambox? Do you want to share thoughts? Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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