Monday, June 8, 2015

Groupon voucher for Red Nail Salon (Moroccan bath, full body massage and manicure)

I have been wanting to experience morrocan bath because of my cousin's advertisement. They said it will make your skin smoother. It's just that I am on a very tight budget and I don't think I can afford it. My cousin, Lalaine then said she bought a voucher for 99 aed which comprise of Moroccan bath, full body massage, mani &pedi. What a steal!

I celebrated my birthday last 28 May and I thought I should give myself a treat. I bought a voucher from Groupon amounting to 129 aed which includes Moroccan bath, full body massage and manicure. I printed the voucher and called to book an appointment.

Red Nail Salon is just easy to locate hence I chose them. It is walking distance from Al Fahidi metro station, opposite Four Points Sheraton Hotel. I really don't know what to expect. 

I presented the voucher and paid 5 aed for the loofah. They asked if it is my first time and I said yes. They provided a locker to place my personal belongings. I was then asked to remove all my clothes and wear the disposal undies to make me feel comfortable, I guess. 


**I don't think it is nice to see all the cleaning tools just laying everywhere. Even the locker area has so much clutter. 

This is bath area where they do Moroccan bath. I am totally clueless. Kabayan Liselle asked me to sit on that wooden chair which was placed on the floor of course. She began to bathed me and lather a special soap all over my body. It really felt awkward.

Afterwards, she run the steamer and have me sit there for I don't know how many minutes. I occasionally opened the door as it is suffocating inside. Next, scrubbing! I though to myself when she first started scrubbing me, "People pay for this?" Then its started to feel so relaxing. It really felt good. I enjoyed every bit of it! 


Liselle then asked me go to the massage room. She prepped the massage bed and asked me to lay down. This is my first spa experience in UAE and It felt odd that there was no relaxing music neither aromatic candles in the spa area. But tell you what, despite all that, her massage was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. That is rare! I never really fall asleep in spas. I never felt her massage was hurried. She is good! 


Kabayan lady also did my manicure. It was soaked on the green solution which will make my cuticle softer. Additional of 60 aed if I want a gellish nail polish. I was surprised of how expensive it is so I opted out. 

UV light? I honestly don't know. First time eh!
Finished product

So that was a great experience. I just really wish that they tidy up their salon. Have you tried their salon?

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